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View Condolences for Everett Glennie "E.G. Red" Sanders

From: James David Roarx
My family is so sorry for your loss. Mr. Sanders was a wonderful Superintendent. He cared for everyone. We send prayers and sympathy.

From: Phillip and Donna Atherton
So sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

From: Tim Riley
Ron & Sam, I am a big fan of your dad. He was a brilliant man in many areas, but mostly as a family man and school person. He was one of the great school leaders that I have met in over 35 years in education. My best to your family, Tim Riley

From: Claribel Matthews
Dear Ron and Sam, I know of no other man during my life that I have had more respect for. He gave me encouragement and approval during much needed times. He commanded us to be the best we could be of ourselves, not copying someone else. I know you had no choice but I do thank you for sharing him with so many. Claribel Fox Matthews

From: Brandon Standiford
Praying for the entire family Mr. Sanders was good to me and always spoke with me everytime he stopped by practice and or games. I will never forget the time that get gave me his coat on his back, when he noticed that I was leaving in the cold in a short sleeve shirt. Kind hearted and will never forget that he said he liked me because I was not spoiled. He told me that spoiled people get lazy and lazy people get no where. Thank you

From: Cynthia Woolett
To the family of Mr. E.G. Sanders, I want to say my condolences to the family of Mr. Sanders . I was one of his caregivers 11pm-7am at RobinBrooke senior living. He was a great man. He cracked me up so many times. He would pick at me a soon as I came in his room then I will give it right back and he would just laugh... So sorry for your loss, Cynthia Woolett

From: Pat Malone
My condolences to the family of Mr. E.G. Sanders. My prayers and thoughts are with you in this time of mourning.

From: Ann Truitt
Ron, Sam and Family, So sorry to hear of your loss, may you find solace in your many precious memories. All my prayers.

From: Bonnie Burress McDade
My sincere condolences to the family and the entire community. I have been living away from LaRue County for over 50 years. If I ran into Mr. Sanders when I was home, he always recognized me and stopped to chat. We were blessed with some fine educators in LaRue County, Mr. Sanders being one of the finest. The greatest lesson I learned from Mr. Sanders was how to shake hands. During commencement practice, Mr. Sanders, at the time principal of the high school, filled in for the superintendent giving diplomas. We were instructed by him to receive the diploma in our left hand and shake hands with the superintendent with our right. The handshake was expected to be firm, the eyes to be focused on the superintendent's eyes, and the mouth to utter in a clear voice "Thank you". There were many do-overs and no one left the stage without getting it right. Maybe it seems trivial but I know, in my professional career, a handshake was one of the measures of the person. From high school graduation until today, every time there is occasion to shake hands, I do so with a firm shake and eye to eye contact, and a loving, grateful thanks to he who taught me, Mr. E.G. Sanders. RIP

From: Carolyn M. Smith
Ron and Sam and family, I had great respect for your beloved dad and appreciate all he did fr me as a very young teacher. Even though I was a stranger with only one year of teaching experience, he entrusted me to teach French and English at LCHS, even teaching his own son. His leadership and role model as an educator helped me to grow as a teacher and led to a long and satisfying 32-year profession for me. He expected me to give my best, as did he, and I attempted to pass that on to my students through the years.. May his tribe increase!