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View Condolences for Robert Michael "Coach" Brown

From: Jerry Bell
Coach Brown was a big influence in my life. Not at teaching me football, but the life lessons that go along with it. He had the kind of tough love persona on the field, but always had time for you off the field. Coach was always a family friend and loved by everyone. As I have lived out of Hodgenville for 30 years, I did not see Coach that much. But, every time I did, he always had time to inquire how my life was going and treated me like a man, not like one of his players. My prayers go out to everyone who was touched by Coach’s life. I know mine was.

From: Annette Sidebottom
Sue i am so sorry for your loss. love you.

From: Sarah Smith, Becky Smith Berry
We remember Mike and his family so fondly from their days in Franklin. Our prayers are with you.

From: Bill Hazle
Good loyal friends are rare and hard to find, Mike was one of those. I am sadden by the loss of this memorable and large personality and know he will be missed by the entire community and family which he was so dear.

From: karenhelmcecil
I just wanted to extend my sadness at Mike Browns passing. I remember his big smile all during going to school with him. Mike and all his family were all thought highly of. May God give you all comfort at this difficult time.

From: Pat Malone
To the family of Mike Brown, you have my prayers and condolences in this time of need. Mike was a true friend to me and I always enjoyed seeing him at WKU Football games after I left LaRue County.